What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Liability insurance is important, but many people don’t have enough of it. If you have a small amount to keep yourself legal, chances are that the cost of medical bills won’t be met by your insurance if an accident should happen. If you need more liability coverage, call us at StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX to find out more. 

Umbrella Insurance Coverage 

When you have both home and auto insurance, each of these comes with its own level of liability insurance. If someone should become injured in your home or because of your vehicle, your liability insurance is what pays those bills. But, what happens when your policy has paid out all it’s going to and there are still bills to be paid? That’s where umbrella insurance enters the picture.

When your liability insurance on either your home or auto reaches its maximum payout, your umbrella insurance policy kicks in. An umbrella insurance policy is used to supplement the liability insurance that you have through both home and auto insurance. This allows even serious accidents to be paid for without you having to pay out of pocket to satisfy the medical bills. 

Liability Insurance

It’s always a good idea to have plenty of liability insurance, and getting an umbrella policy can certainly help. Liability can save your financial future, but it can also give you more peace of mind. Umbrella coverage keeps you protected from a wide range of things that can occur in your home or car, allowing you not to worry so much about accidents. 

Get Your Umbrella Insurance Policy

If you are interested in getting more liability insurance with an umbrella policy, contact us at StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX to talk to an insurance agent. 

The basics of flood insurance

Floods cause a devastating amount of damage every year all over the United States. Since homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding, flood insurance is a necessity. You may think you only need it if you live in a flood plain but with rising water worldwide that is no longer the case. Have a good talk with your insurance agent about the danger present in your area, there may be some you are not aware of. If you live in or near Georgetown, TX, StraightEdge Insurance Agency is an independent agency that can offer you personalized service and choice of the top carriers and affordability. 

When looking at a flood policy the first thing your agent will determine is if you live in a community that is part of the National Flood Insurance Plan.  This is a federal program but you can get your policy from a local agent. The good news is the government sets the prices of policies, the rate is determined by risk. You can be sure that you are getting the best coverage at the best price so choose your carrier by their service and commitment to their customers. 

Flood insurance comes in two parts. You can buy one or both. One part covers the property. This includes the physical building and the foundation. It also covers things that are permanently part of the home such as built-in bookcases and cabinet, kitchen cupboards, carpeting installed covered unfinished floors, and blinds. It also includes major systems such as plumbing, electrical, water heater,  HVAC, major installed appliances, and well water tank. The second part is possessions. This includes all your personal items clothing, furniture, electronics, portable freezer, and the food it contains, small kitchen appliances, washer, and dryer. 

At StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX we would love to discuss your flood insurance needs with you and give you a no-obligation quote. Give our office a call or stop by, we are waiting to hear from you. 

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance provides catastrophic coverage that can save you from financial disaster. At StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX, we offer the umbrella insurance you need to protect your financial stability and future. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of personal insurance policy. Instead of covering your house or vehicle, it covers you. It requires you to have primary insurance policies in place. if a claim exceeds your primary insurance policy, the umbrella policy will pay the difference, up to its own coverage limit. Umbrella insurance is sold in increments of $1 million, so the coverage limits are much higher than most primary policies. In some cases, an umbrella policy may cover all the costs for claims that are excluded by the primary policy. 

How Does it Work?

Umbrella insurance is relatively inexpensive while offering $1 million in coverage or more. How does this work? Because it typically covers catastrophic claims, the policy isn’t required to pay out nearly as often as primary policies. This allows them to provide coverage at reasonable rates. The odds that you will ever file a claim under an umbrella policy are slim. However, if you do need to file a claim, you will be very glad you have it. 

Not Just for the Rich

There’s a misconception that umbrella policies are for affluent individuals with millions in assets or cash. If you have $1 million in assets or more, you absolutely need an umbrella policy. However, even the average person can benefit from an umbrella policy. Litigation is very common, and judgments can quickly exceed your primary policy limits. In addition to seizing any assets you do have, the court can garnish your future wages. 

Umbrella insurance is very important in today’s society. A judgment against you can affect you financially for the rest of your life if you don’t have the right coverage. Contact StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX today to discuss the umbrella policy that works best for you. 

Importance of Flood Insurance for Texas Homeowners

Hurricanes, tropical storms, and floods are common in the Lone Star State, putting Texas homeowners at risk of flood damage. If your Georgetown, TX home is hit by a flood, you could lose all that you own. Flood insurance from StraightEdge Insurance Agency is specifically designed to protect your home and belongings against flooding. If you’re still on the fence about flood coverage, these flood facts can help you determine if flood insurance is right for you.

Flood Damage Isn’t Covered by Texas Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance covers many types of disasters from tornados and wildfire to severe storms and lightning strikes. It doesn’t, however, cover flood damage. Without flood insurance, your home is virtually unprotected against the extensive damage that flooding can cause.

Flood Damage Can Be Disastrous

It doesn’t take much water to cause extensive damage to a home. Even several inches of water can ruin your foundation, walls, and floors, not to mention destroy your personal goods. Imagine the damage that a major flood can cause. Flood insurance helps you recuperate your losses from flood damage so you can move on.    

Floods Aren’t Limited to Flood Zones

Like most disasters, floods are unpredictable. They can happen anywhere. You may be more susceptible to flooding in a flood zone, but there’s no guarantee you won’t be the victim of flooding if you live in a non-risk area. In fact, approximately a quarter of flood claims made come from people who live outside a flood zone. That’s why it’s important to consider flood coverage for your Georgetown, TX home. You’ll also be glad to hear that flood insurance is quite affordable for people who live in non-flood zones.

Flood coverage can be instrumental in helping you recover from a flood disaster. To learn more about flood coverage and costs, contact StraightEdge Insurance Agency.

How Umbrella Insurance Can Protect Your Investments

Protecting your assets is often not as cut and dried as simply purchasing home or auto insurance. There are certain instances in which your typical homeowner’s or auto policy will not cover the extent of expenses that can be incurred through an accident or liability event. What can you do in these situations? Umbrella policies were created for exactly this type of event.  At StraightEdge Insurance Agency, serving Georgetown, TX, we are here to educate our clients on topics such as this. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of policy you can purchase in addition to regular homeowners or auto insurance. An umbrella policy is intended to act as a backup insurance policy. If you are liable in an accident or injury situation, your regular insurance policy has been exhausted, and there are still expenses to be paid, an umbrella policy will kick in. This is a wonderful type of protection to have in place in order to protect all of your assets. 

Who Should Get Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance can prove helpful to anyone who wants additional protection in the event of a vehicle accident, or in the event of liability situation in their home. Umbrella insurance is especially important, however, for individuals who have significant assets they wish to protect. This can include properties, investments, and savings. In the event of an intense financial liability situation, all of these assets are in danger. Protecting these assets through an umbrella policy is a great way to secure your financial future no matter what may come your way. In order to understand exactly how much protection you will need, you should speak with an insurance representative. 

If you would like to learn more about umbrella insurance, please contact our friendly staff at StraightEdge Insurance Agency, serving Georgetown, TX. 

What Is a Flood Insurance Rider?

When you first purchase home insurance, it’s easy to assume what’s covered under your policy. After all, few people are going to read through the countless terms and conditions presented to them. As understandable as this is though, the risks of assuming far outweigh the inconvenience of doing your homework. StraightEdge Insurance Agency wants you to know more about how flood insurance works, and how it can be tacked onto your home insurance policy. 

Flood Insurance Riders 

Your home insurance policy covers your property in Georgetown, TX against any number of events. From major storms to fire, you’ll receive the means to make the repairs and cover the replacements. But floods typically aren’t included in home insurance policies unless you get a special rider. Flooding can happen in nearly any part of the country, and it’s all too common for homeowners to find out they’re not covered after the event has occurred.

Water Damage and Your Home

Water damage is difficult to remove, making it more expensive and time-consuming to restore your property to its previous condition. If the water seeps into the walls or floor, it can lead to mildew or even deadly mold. If homeowners don’t catch it immediately, it can quickly colonize and become a major problem. A flood insurance rider gives homeowners a way out of a sticky situation, so they can preserve the value of their homes. 

Questions Answered 

If you’re interested in what a flood insurance rider can do for you, give StraightEdge Insurance Agency a call today. We serve the homeowners of Austin and Georgetown, TX, so they can feel safe no matter what the weather may bring. From your prized garden to your newly remodeled kitchen, contact us about how to make your home insurance a little more comprehensive.

Why You Need Umbrella Insurance in Texas

One of the most essential parts of overall financial health is having proper insurance in place. For those that are in the Georgetown, TX area, one crucial part of this to consider is your liability insurance needs. While you may have coverage from your base home and auto insurance policies, it may not be enough in all situations. There are several reasons why getting an umbrella insurance policy should be considered a necessity. 

Gives Additional Liability Coverage

Most likely, you have some level of liability protection through your auto and home or renters insurance policy. While this can provide coverage in many different situations, the amount of coverage that you will get is often not enough to cover some more significant accidents. If you are found liable for an unfortunate accident in the Georgetown, TX area, your umbrella policy will be a necessity to give you enough coverage as it will go into effect after the claims exceed your base policies.

Covers Other Situations

While a home or renters insurance policy can include many different situations, it is not entirely inclusive of all situations that could cause liability. If you are at risk of liability for other situations that are not covered by your base policies, additional coverage is a necessity. An umbrella policy curtailed for you will give you this coverage. 

If you believe that umbrella insurance is right for you, or if you would like to learn more about this insurance option, you should contact the StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX. When you speak with the insurance team at StraightEdge Insurance Agency, you will learn more about the benefits of umbrella insurance and how it could protect you. They will then get you into a policy that provides the right type and level of liability insurance coverage. 

Does Flood Insurance Cover Mold Removal?

Flood insurance is something that not all property owners need or are even going to benefit from. There are some property owners that will never see a flood in the time that they own their property and therefore may not even need this type of coverage. There are other property owners that do need flood coverage and knowing what this type of insurance covers is a must. For those in the Georgetown, TX area, the agents with StraightEdge Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that works best for you.

Flood insurance covers many things, including mold mitigation and clean up after a flood. You can get more or less coverage depending on what you need and want and can also get specific coverage for specific cleanup. Most flood insurance will help cover the cost of cleaning up mold after a flood for the express purpose that you have to clean up the mold in order for the home to be livable again. Mold mitigation is a part of getting a home back in livable condition and your flood insurance will help cover the costs associated with this type of clean up. They may have a preferred mitigation or restoration team that they like to work within order to get your home back in a good state.

For those that do not live anywhere near flood zones or that have a property that is not in any danger of being flooded, you do not need to worry about taking out flood insurance or any other type of insurance that is going to cover flood and flood damages. For those that live in the Georgetown, TX area, the agents with StraightEdge Insurance Agency can help you get the coverage you need.

Why People Who Have Valuable Collections Need Umbrella Insurance

If you are one of the many people who enjoy collecting items, especially items with a substantial value such as art, jewelry, and even memorabilia, then you may need extra insurance coverage. Home insurance coverage may be able to include some contents, but is usually limited and may leave you vulnerable to loss from a variety of hazards. So, how can you protect yourself if your home insurance won’t completely cover your valuables?

Umbrella Insurance Offers Additional Security

If you want to increase your level of protection and prevent the potential for losses, then you should get more information about umbrella insurance and how it can give you an additional blanket of protection. Umbrella insurance is an additional separate policy that is designed to give you coverage above and beyond what your current policy can provide. In order to secure your coverage, you should document all of the items in your collection and consult with your insurance agent.

Working With A Top Agency

One of the keys to securing adequate insurance coverage through the use of an umbrella policy is to work closely with a reputable agency with licensed and experienced agents who can give you the coverage you need without gaps. If you live in the Georgetown, TX area, you are encouraged to seek the insurance services of StraightEdge Insurance Agency. We are dedicated to helping discover umbrella insurance coverage options that will give you the peace of mind you need. 

Don’t risk losing valuable pieces of your collection to any of the hazards that you may face. Get solid umbrella insurance coverage from an agency that can give you the quality policy you need. Residents of Georgetown, TX can call or stop by StraightEdge Insurance Agency for more information or to schedule an appointment. 

Why You Need Flood Insurance

Flood insurance protects your property in a number of ways beyond what traditional home owner’s insurance is able to do. Flooding inside of your home can set you back tens of thousands of dollars in repairs if you do not have the right coverage. So before you go another day without the right protection, if you live around Georgetown, TX you need to contact the StraightEdge Insurance Agency with all of your flood insurance questions. 

Repair Flood Damage Can Cost Thousands 

Repairing flood damage is far more costly than you might believe. It is more than just removing the water from the property. You’ll need to repair and replace everything the water remained in contact for longer than a few hours (and even then there might be certain objects you’ll need to replace). Water deteriorates just about everything it comes in contact. Plus, when areas become waterlogged it increases the chance of mold development. Once mold grows in your home it can spread throughout the entire property. Failure to remove the mold early on will cost even later on down the road (while also putting your family at a health risk). 

Varying Kinds of Flooding

Flooding can come from a storm, but this is not the only way flooding may strike your property. If a water main bursts or a water line leaks into your property and cracks the foundation it will still set you back, even without the heavy rain. 

Flood insurance will protect your home in ways traditional coverage is unable to. Flooding can happen at any time over the course of the year. From a burst pipe to a heavy rainstorm, flooding will set you back financially. That is why if you don’t have flood insurance coverage or you have questions about what the coverage does, you need to contact StraightEdge Insurance Agency for your Georgetown, TX property.