Does your auto policy offer roadside assistance?

Drivers in Georgetown, TX can rely on StraightEdge Insurance Agency for information about car insurance and the wide range of features available in auto policies. Long gone are the days of cookie-cutter policies that only provide basic protection. Today’s auto insurance offers a variety of helpful features that can make your driving experience safer and more pleasurable. 

What features does your auto policy provide?

If it’s time to renew your auto insurance policy, it’s worthwhile to look into upgrading. Many drivers choose the policy that’s right for them when they purchase their vehicle then simply renew it over and over again. If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a careful look at your coverage, now is a great time to review its protection levels as well as the policy features. Insurance needs can change over time, and it is important to have a policy that matches your current insurance coverage needs. 

Roadside assistance is a great feature to have here in Texas. No one wants to find themselves stranded by the side of the road with no one to call. With a policy that includes this feature, you can rest easy that help is just a phone call away! And, it’s not just roadside assistance that’s available. Many auto policies offer features such as rental car coverage in the event of a covered accident, and discounts and incentives for safe driving. There’s no reason not to add a few of these great options to your protection!

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3 Tips for Your First Auto Insurance Policy

Buying auto insurance for the first time in Georgetown, TX doesn’t have to be stressful or intimidating. You will realize that policies are easy to understand and affordable once you start the process. To set your mind at ease about buying your first auto insurance policy, the team at StraightEdge Insurance Agency has put together this simple list of three tips to help you get started stress-free.

1. Work with a Reputable Agent

The first thing you should do is get on the phone and call a reputable insurance agent serving Georgetown, TX who will help you find the right policy. Remember, insurance agents have been doing this for a long time and have helping hundreds, if not thousands, of customers every year. They are skilled at helping you find the right policy for exactly what you need and for a price you like.

2. Compare Several Quotes

The insurance agent you choose to work with will ask you a few questions to pinpoint which auto insurance quotes to review and compare. From here, go over each quote in detail so you understand the differences in cost and coverage. There’s no hurry to make a decision, however. Take as much time as you need. 

3. Bundle Your Policies

Bundling your insurance policies under one carrier is an easy way to save on your premiums. Bundle your life, auto, and home, for example, under your current insurance company or switch to a new one. Your reputable insurance agent can help you accomplish this. 

To learn more about buying your first auto insurance policy, contact the team at StraightEdge Insurance Agency. Our reputable agents are waiting to take your call and answer all of your questions and concerns.

How to Choose the Right Auto Insurance

As you select your automotive insurance, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There are numerous decisions to be made, and it can be difficult to know that the correct answers are on your own. Georgetown, TX residents can feel more at ease when they consult with StraightEdge Insurance Agency to gain answers to the following questions: 

How Much Coverage Do You Need?
The specific amount of coverage that you’ll need will depend on numerous factors. You’ll need to consider your vehicles’ cost and age, as well as how much it will cost to replace it. In addition, you’ll need to be sure that you’re carrying enough insurance to cover your liabilities in case you’re involved in an accident. You may also want to cover insurance to protect you against underinsured or uninsured motorists. 

Set Your Deductible
You’ll also want to think about what type of deductible you’d like to have on your auto insurance policy. A high deductible may mean that you pay a lower monthly payment. On the other hand, you’ll have to pay a higher amount of money out of pocket if you’re involved in an accident. Paying higher monthly insurance premiums may make it easier to afford the bill if an accident does occur. 

What Discounts Are Offered?
It’s also important to consider what discounts are offered by your auto insurance company. Some companies offer discounts for safe driving, low mileage, good grades, and numerous other factors. Be sure to check into what may be available to you. 

As you’re shopping for auto insurance, ask your Georgetown, TX agent what options are available to you so that you get the best possible coverage. Contact us at StraightEdge Insurance Company today, and we’ll help you design an automotive insurance policy that’s perfect for your needs. 

Is Your Family Driving Less? Now May be a Good Time to Update Your Auto Policy

In today’s new reality, many families find that they are sticking closer to home and are driving much less. If your family is experiencing this, StraightEdge Insurance Agency, serving the greater Georgetown, TX community, is here to review your policy. Many auto insurance policies are written based on the typical number of miles driven in a given year. If the driving habits of your family have changed significantly, it is worth your time to sit down for a policy review.

Fewer Miles May Equal Lower Premiums

If recent changes in your driving habits have resulted in a significant decrease in the total miles you are driving, a policy review is a smart idea. There are many different levels of auto insurance coverage, and a lower coverage level might be sufficient for your needs now. During the recent Stay at Home period, many Texas families realized that they did not need to drive very much at all. If you are going to be continuing to work from home, it makes sense to review your current policy to see if you may be appropriate to update it. Our life habits often change, and in light of recent events and the subsequent impact they have had on our daily lives, a policy review makes a lot of sense!

Our team recommends that all clients have their policies reviewed on a regular basis in order to make sure that their policy is still the right one for their needs. If you would like us to perform this service for you, just let us know. Call or stop by StraightEdge Insurance Agency if you are interested in learning more about auto policy options available to Georgetown, TX area residents. We are here to help!

Which auto insurance policy is best for you?

When people purchase a new vehicle, many of them are confused as to what type of auto insurance policy they need and how much coverage they should have. In many states, at least a liability insurance policy is required by law but the rest of the coverage will depend on many factors.

The amount of coverage will depend largely on how much your vehicle is worth, what type of vehicle it is, and if you financed the vehicle. Liability insurance is the minimum requirement and the least expensive of all auto insurance policies. It covers bodily injury to another person if you cause an accident and property damage that you may cause while you are driving but will not cover the repairs or replacement cost of your vehicle.

Although required by law in most states, some people do not obtain auto insurance and if you are involved in an accident caused by someone with no insurance, having uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage will help you immensely. It can help pay medical bills you may incur and in some situations, will pay for repairs to your vehicle. This policy also helps if the person that caused an accident does not have enough liability insurance to cover your medical and other bills.

If your car, truck, or SUV is financed, your lender will require that you have full coverage insurance. This type of policy encompasses the liability to others along with comprehensive coverage. This coverage will help cover your vehicle if it is damaged due to things like vandalism, theft, fire, or hail. This type of policy will have a deductible.

When it comes to deductibles, you can work with your insurance agent to determine how much of a deductible you want with your policy. The higher the deductible, the lower your insurance premiums will be but if an event happens that results in damage to your vehicle, you will be shelling more money out of your pocket before the insurance policy will kick in to pay for repairs or replacement costs.

To find out which type of auto insurance policy is best for you and your vehicle, call upon the trusted agents at StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX today. Our agents at StraightEdge Insurance Agency can help walk you through the insurance process and get you a quote. Visit or contact our office in Georgetown, TX for more information.

Emergency Supplies to Keep in Your Car

It’s important to be prepared for life’s less fortunate moments. Emergencies can occur at any time, whether you’re in your home, your office, or your car. Here are some useful tips to help keep you safe and worry-free, courtesy of StraightEdge Insurance Agency serving Georgetown, TX.


If you become stranded somewhere, you might become hungry at some point, especially if you are feeling stress and fear. Snacks can fight hunger and help give you the energy to keep going.


You could become stranded at night and have to find your way to a shelter, such as during a thunderstorm or a hailstorm. So a flashlight or two would be useful in those situations.

Mobile phone

If an emergency happens, or if you become stranded, sometimes you just have to ask for help. So, a mobile phone is invaluable and can save somebody’s life, especially during medical emergencies when you have to call 911.

First aid kit

If an injury happens, sometimes you have to be the doctor when there is none available. A first aid kit can help with this. It should have bandages, pain relievers, such as ibuprofin, antibiotic ointment for cleaning wounds, and other useful items. You do not want to acquire an infection during an already stressful emergency situation.


During winter, a blanket can save lives and limbs from the cold. And though an emergency is bad enough, you don’t want to be shivering from the cold too. So, put some blankets in the car.

Bottled water

Dehydration can be dangerous, especially during an emergency situation. So store bottled water in your car.

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Is Texas an ‘At-Fault’ State?

In a “no-fault” state there is no determination made of who caused a traffic accident. The insurance of each person covers their vehicle and its occupants. Texas is not a no-fault state. Texas is an “at-fault” state.

Texas is a state where if a vehicle accident occurs, there is a determination made of who is at-fault for causing the accident. The fault may be apportioned between more than one person involved in the accident according to a percentage of how much each person is at-fault.

What does ‘at-fault’ mean?

If a dispute exists over who is at-fault for causing an accident, this determination may be made by a court of the proper jurisdiction Under Texas law, the at-fault party (or parties) has to pay the damages caused by the accident.

Texas law requires every person operating a vehicle to have auto insurance of certain minimum levels. That insurance has to pay a claim for the damages caused by the person who is at fault. A covered claim is paid up to the policy limits of an auto policy.

If the damages exceed the amount covered by the insurance, then the injured party can sue the at-fault party. The injured party can sue to collect more money from the at-fault party, up to the total damages awarded by a court judgment.

Better Auto Insurance than the Bare Minimums

Just getting the minimum auto insurance coverage required by Texas law does not usually provide adequate protection. The minimum amounts are far too low to cover the costs of the damages that may be caused by an accident. Discuss this with your agent at StraightEdge Insurance Agency, serving Georgetown, TX and the surrounding area.

The damages may be to the vehicles involved and also to the injured people who have medical bills and lose time from work. In the worst-case scenario, if someone is killed by the accident, there needs to be compensation paid to the surviving family member(s) of that person who died.

Consider Personal Injury Protection

Even though Texas does not have a legal requirement for vehicle owners to have personal injury protection (PIP), it is still worthwhile to consider it. If the person who is at-fault for causing an accident cannot pay or is operating a vehicle illegally without having insurance, then having the extra protection from PIP in place, can be very helpful.

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Agents vs Online Auto Insurance

Automobile insurance agents and the ability to buy online insurance often battle one another in the field of optimal coverage. The choice comes down to personal preferences and what a family or auto-owner feels is best for them.

Observations of Online Auto Insurance Brokers

Online Auto Insurance is normal in today’s Internet hustle and bustle. However, settling for the cheapest does not always mean better coverage. 

A car owner Googles an insurance company, the top websites pop up, and an insurance quote follows within mere moments. The upside people flock to is the ability to purchase coverage without having to speak to an agent. The twenty-four seven, seven days a week advantage is why many people go with an online insurance company.

The downside to online auto insurance is car owners are on their own. Additional savings, surprise fees, and no personal relationship are often at the detriment of the insured.

An Auto Insurance Agent is Always Aware

Auto insurance agents are available for a personal relationship with auto owners. The maximizing of discounts and explanations of policies are priceless.           

Experts from StraightEdge Insurance Agency serves Georgetown, TX establishes a long-term relationship and keeps confusion down with professional advice.

The preference of one on one interaction and personal attention is different from person to person. However, the extra hand in knowing an automobile insurance policy in and out ensures that an insurance claim does not fall into the rejection file because of a misunderstanding from an online insurance company.

The bottom line of a budget’s bottom line is understanding every aspect of an auto insurance policy. Simple does not equal savings.

Serving Georgetown, TX, StraightEdge Insurance Agency is available for questions and concerns about auto insurance policies and what sort of coverage best fits a person and budget.


Your Auto Is Like Home Away From Home

Many people use their vehicles for more than just driving to work. They have to shuttle kids from one activity to another. While doing that, they’re eating a quick dinner, helping with homework, and asking about the school day. Their car has become part of their parenting, a tool where parents can reach out to their kids despite the busy schedule.

Why not double check your auto insurance? Make sure you have the coverage you need since you depend on your car for so much. Here in the Georgetown, TX area, we have representatives who are experienced with auto insurance. They’re ready to explain your policy’s details and research other options in case you feel the need to change policies. Contact us at StraightEdge Insurance Agency, and we’ll discuss your options with you.

Levels of Coverage

There are different levels of auto insurance coverage, and you may have forgotten which level of coverage your current policy represents. While getting a new car certainly brings this matter to your attention, that’s not the only situation that can affect your insurance. Here at StraightEdge Insurance Agency, we’ve encountered customers who had purchased a lower level of coverage long before. They just kept paying it without considering how their lives had changed. It may be that you could use more specific coverage that allows you to recover quickly from an unfortunate accident around the Georgetown, TX region.

You take the time to schedule and attend medical appointments, and this is similar to what we do for you. When you sit down with us and discuss your insurance needs, it’s like a check-up for your insurance. You’ll learn what great shape your policy is in, or where it needs special attention. Contact us for an insurance review.

When The Rubber Hits The Road: Age Specific Milestones And Your Auto Insurance Policy

Blow Out The Candles

Most of us can remember when we first got behind the wheel of a car. Depending upon your enthusiasm and zest for driving, you may have been more hesitant. It’s great to know that Texas leans on the side of caution when it comes to putting brand new licensed drivers on the road.

Here Is The Rule That Matters In Texas

In Texas, we like everything big. At StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX, we give you all of your automobile insurance information straight – no chaser. Individuals under the age of 18 must have a valid learner’s license or minor restricted DMV license for six months prior to obtaining a provisional class A, B, or C drivers license. 

 A provisional drivers license means that for the first 12 months of driving you must be accompanied by a licensed parent or other licensed individuals who are over the age of 25 if you have passengers under the age of 20 for one year. For youngsters, it is a restriction that may seem rather cumbersome. It appears that Texas made these particular rules because it wanted to ensure that all of the residents stay as safe as possible. Practice makes perfect. These rules in Texas allow for better supervised and regulated driving before one is trusted on the open road alone.

Whoa There Nelly

Individuals who do not want to wait for their 18th birthday can start drivers education as early as 14 years of age. However, you cannot be issued a learners permit until you are 15 years of age. For more information about automobile insurance, please call or come by our office. Contact our agents at StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX .