Can an Insurance Company Ask You To Cut Down Trees for Home Insurance?

There are many homes in the Georgetown, TX area where they are covered with trees. Trees are everywhere, but when they get old, when they art to encompass your residence, they can pose quite a risk to your property. A tree falling on your home can be a devastating event that can demolish not only your home but your contents inside. On top of that, it can also pose a big risk to the safety of your family inside. With that said, can an insurance company ask you to cut down trees around your home property?

Trees falling around your home are one of the most common types of home insurance claims homeowners make. When a tree falls on the house, you call up your insurance provider and put in a claim, recovering from those losses. This is a big risk exposure which insurance companies face and they know that. This is why it is common for insurance companies to scan your residence and take a look at the trees around it.

To reduce their risk exposure and make your home one that they feel confident insuring year after year, it is within the right of your insurance company to ask you to cut down certain trees around your property. If you do not comply, it could be a situation where they choose not to renew your policy in the next year, leaving you looking for another insurance carrier.

When you are shopping the market for an insurance company, questions about your property will be commonplace. Having a firm understanding of what you may need to do to get coverage is important. Work with the StraightEdge Insurance Agency today to start your home insurance buying process.