Home Insurance Add Ons To Consider

Home insurance comes in many flavors. As your home is unique so too should your insurance. Never settle for a one-size-fits-all form of home insurance. The kind of coverage you need will be different not only from someone on the other side of town but likely on the other side of your block. So if you live in Georgetown, TX and are shopping around for home insurance, the staff at StraightEdge Insurance Agency can help connect you with the right fit. 

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance protects your home in the event of a flood. Floods can occur both naturally and accidentally. If your home floods after a heavy rain your regular insurance coverage likely won’t cover it. Flood insurance also protects you in the event of a burst pipe. 

Window Insurance

Do you have young children who just love throwing the baseball around in the back yard? Maybe you live by a golf course and there are always stray balls zipping into your property. Your current home insurance may not provide you with the kind of window coverage you need. 

Additional Liability Insurance

Do you live on a corner lot? That means you have more sidewalks for people to slip and fall on. Additional liability insurance helps protect you even further in the event of a lawsuit levied against you.

The Right Coverage For Your Home

The right home insurance coverage for you will not be the same as your neighbors or your friends across town. You have a unique home with different variables to consider, which is why you need to turn to the staff at StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX for assistance. No matter the kind of home or the kind of add ons you need, StraightEdge is just a phone call away.