Home insurance coverage options in Texas

We know how important a home is for many Texans. It is what we depend on to keep our loved ones and us safe. At StraightEdge Insurance Agency, we know that your home is one of the most important investment and we can help you keep your finances protected through home insurance.

Although home insurance is not a legal requirement in Texas, many mortgage companies request it to be part of the finance agreements with homeowners. Home insurance covers the following:

Personal property coverage

This coverage covers all your contents including clothes, shoes, personal effects, and personal documents. It also includes your furniture, appliances, electronics, or any other personal item. Some personal items like money, jewelry, or firearms are covered under different insurance policies.

Physical structure

The whole house structure including the walls, floor, and the roof is covered under the home insurance policy.

Other structures

Other structures that may not be inside your home but are part of the house are also covered. Such compositions include the fence, the stand-alone garage, and the shed.

Liability coverage

When someone is accidentally injured on your property or your neighbors’ property is destroyed by your children while playing, liability coverage helps you pay for all the costs incurred and any reasonable medical fees.

Loss of use or additional living expenses coverage

This covers living expenses including transport, food, temporary shelter, and any other basic need in case of a fire or house damage that makes your home unlivable.

Feel safe and secure in your own home and leave the insurance part to us. Find the solution to all your insurance needs from StraightEdge Insurance Agency conveniently located in Georgetown, TX today. Visit or call us to get a quote or to discuss new policies.