Why Do I Need Flood Insurance Yet I have My Homeowners Insurance?

We all know that some states and areas are prone to flooding, but what you should keep in mind is that flooding can happen anywhere anytime. Flooding is caused by numerous conditions such as hurricanes, heavy rains, spring thaws, and prompt accumulation of rains. Based on research, floods are the main natural disasters in the United States. It only takes few inches of water for major damage to happen to your home. The question is: are you prepared for this? Apart from taking a family emergency plan and securing your home’s drainage system, being prepared for floods means taking up the right insurance plan. This post outlines the need for flood insurance for your home and possessions.

Limited coverage from homeowners insurance plan

A standard homeowner’s insurance plan does not cover flood damage. Since floods can occur anywhere at any time, you should contemplate on buying a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy. NFIP policies are sold through insurance agents or insurance companies like StraightEdge Insurance Agency.

Very few understand the need of having a separate flood policy. There is always a mutual misunderstanding that homeowner’s insurance policy covers flood impairment, but the truth is: it doesn’t.

When do you need flood insurance policy?

If you are a resident of the Austin area or Georgetown, TX, it vital for you to get a flood insurance policy, especially if you already have a mortgage from a federal or insured lender. Your lender is mandated to ask you to get this policy if they feel that you’re living in a high-risk area. However, this may not be the case for those who live in areas that aren’t prone to floods.

Do you need flood insurance? The key is to get your policy from a reliable insurer in Georgetown, TX. Contact StraightEdge Insurance Agency for more information.