How Umbrella Insurance Can Protect Your Investments

Protecting your assets is often not as cut and dried as simply purchasing home or auto insurance. There are certain instances in which your typical homeowner’s or auto policy will not cover the extent of expenses that can be incurred through an accident or liability event. What can you do in these situations? Umbrella policies were created for exactly this type of event.  At StraightEdge Insurance Agency, serving Georgetown, TX, we are here to educate our clients on topics such as this. 

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of policy you can purchase in addition to regular homeowners or auto insurance. An umbrella policy is intended to act as a backup insurance policy. If you are liable in an accident or injury situation, your regular insurance policy has been exhausted, and there are still expenses to be paid, an umbrella policy will kick in. This is a wonderful type of protection to have in place in order to protect all of your assets. 

Who Should Get Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance can prove helpful to anyone who wants additional protection in the event of a vehicle accident, or in the event of liability situation in their home. Umbrella insurance is especially important, however, for individuals who have significant assets they wish to protect. This can include properties, investments, and savings. In the event of an intense financial liability situation, all of these assets are in danger. Protecting these assets through an umbrella policy is a great way to secure your financial future no matter what may come your way. In order to understand exactly how much protection you will need, you should speak with an insurance representative. 

If you would like to learn more about umbrella insurance, please contact our friendly staff at StraightEdge Insurance Agency, serving Georgetown, TX. 

Which auto insurance policy is best for you?

When people purchase a new vehicle, many of them are confused as to what type of auto insurance policy they need and how much coverage they should have. In many states, at least a liability insurance policy is required by law but the rest of the coverage will depend on many factors.

The amount of coverage will depend largely on how much your vehicle is worth, what type of vehicle it is, and if you financed the vehicle. Liability insurance is the minimum requirement and the least expensive of all auto insurance policies. It covers bodily injury to another person if you cause an accident and property damage that you may cause while you are driving but will not cover the repairs or replacement cost of your vehicle.

Although required by law in most states, some people do not obtain auto insurance and if you are involved in an accident caused by someone with no insurance, having uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage will help you immensely. It can help pay medical bills you may incur and in some situations, will pay for repairs to your vehicle. This policy also helps if the person that caused an accident does not have enough liability insurance to cover your medical and other bills.

If your car, truck, or SUV is financed, your lender will require that you have full coverage insurance. This type of policy encompasses the liability to others along with comprehensive coverage. This coverage will help cover your vehicle if it is damaged due to things like vandalism, theft, fire, or hail. This type of policy will have a deductible.

When it comes to deductibles, you can work with your insurance agent to determine how much of a deductible you want with your policy. The higher the deductible, the lower your insurance premiums will be but if an event happens that results in damage to your vehicle, you will be shelling more money out of your pocket before the insurance policy will kick in to pay for repairs or replacement costs.

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Home Insurance Add Ons To Consider

Home insurance comes in many flavors. As your home is unique so too should your insurance. Never settle for a one-size-fits-all form of home insurance. The kind of coverage you need will be different not only from someone on the other side of town but likely on the other side of your block. So if you live in Georgetown, TX and are shopping around for home insurance, the staff at StraightEdge Insurance Agency can help connect you with the right fit. 

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance protects your home in the event of a flood. Floods can occur both naturally and accidentally. If your home floods after a heavy rain your regular insurance coverage likely won’t cover it. Flood insurance also protects you in the event of a burst pipe. 

Window Insurance

Do you have young children who just love throwing the baseball around in the back yard? Maybe you live by a golf course and there are always stray balls zipping into your property. Your current home insurance may not provide you with the kind of window coverage you need. 

Additional Liability Insurance

Do you live on a corner lot? That means you have more sidewalks for people to slip and fall on. Additional liability insurance helps protect you even further in the event of a lawsuit levied against you.

The Right Coverage For Your Home

The right home insurance coverage for you will not be the same as your neighbors or your friends across town. You have a unique home with different variables to consider, which is why you need to turn to the staff at StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX for assistance. No matter the kind of home or the kind of add ons you need, StraightEdge is just a phone call away.

What Is a Flood Insurance Rider?

When you first purchase home insurance, it’s easy to assume what’s covered under your policy. After all, few people are going to read through the countless terms and conditions presented to them. As understandable as this is though, the risks of assuming far outweigh the inconvenience of doing your homework. StraightEdge Insurance Agency wants you to know more about how flood insurance works, and how it can be tacked onto your home insurance policy. 

Flood Insurance Riders 

Your home insurance policy covers your property in Georgetown, TX against any number of events. From major storms to fire, you’ll receive the means to make the repairs and cover the replacements. But floods typically aren’t included in home insurance policies unless you get a special rider. Flooding can happen in nearly any part of the country, and it’s all too common for homeowners to find out they’re not covered after the event has occurred.

Water Damage and Your Home

Water damage is difficult to remove, making it more expensive and time-consuming to restore your property to its previous condition. If the water seeps into the walls or floor, it can lead to mildew or even deadly mold. If homeowners don’t catch it immediately, it can quickly colonize and become a major problem. A flood insurance rider gives homeowners a way out of a sticky situation, so they can preserve the value of their homes. 

Questions Answered 

If you’re interested in what a flood insurance rider can do for you, give StraightEdge Insurance Agency a call today. We serve the homeowners of Austin and Georgetown, TX, so they can feel safe no matter what the weather may bring. From your prized garden to your newly remodeled kitchen, contact us about how to make your home insurance a little more comprehensive.

Emergency Supplies to Keep in Your Car

It’s important to be prepared for life’s less fortunate moments. Emergencies can occur at any time, whether you’re in your home, your office, or your car. Here are some useful tips to help keep you safe and worry-free, courtesy of StraightEdge Insurance Agency serving Georgetown, TX.


If you become stranded somewhere, you might become hungry at some point, especially if you are feeling stress and fear. Snacks can fight hunger and help give you the energy to keep going.


You could become stranded at night and have to find your way to a shelter, such as during a thunderstorm or a hailstorm. So a flashlight or two would be useful in those situations.

Mobile phone

If an emergency happens, or if you become stranded, sometimes you just have to ask for help. So, a mobile phone is invaluable and can save somebody’s life, especially during medical emergencies when you have to call 911.

First aid kit

If an injury happens, sometimes you have to be the doctor when there is none available. A first aid kit can help with this. It should have bandages, pain relievers, such as ibuprofin, antibiotic ointment for cleaning wounds, and other useful items. You do not want to acquire an infection during an already stressful emergency situation.


During winter, a blanket can save lives and limbs from the cold. And though an emergency is bad enough, you don’t want to be shivering from the cold too. So, put some blankets in the car.

Bottled water

Dehydration can be dangerous, especially during an emergency situation. So store bottled water in your car.

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Why You Need Umbrella Insurance in Texas

One of the most essential parts of overall financial health is having proper insurance in place. For those that are in the Georgetown, TX area, one crucial part of this to consider is your liability insurance needs. While you may have coverage from your base home and auto insurance policies, it may not be enough in all situations. There are several reasons why getting an umbrella insurance policy should be considered a necessity. 

Gives Additional Liability Coverage

Most likely, you have some level of liability protection through your auto and home or renters insurance policy. While this can provide coverage in many different situations, the amount of coverage that you will get is often not enough to cover some more significant accidents. If you are found liable for an unfortunate accident in the Georgetown, TX area, your umbrella policy will be a necessity to give you enough coverage as it will go into effect after the claims exceed your base policies.

Covers Other Situations

While a home or renters insurance policy can include many different situations, it is not entirely inclusive of all situations that could cause liability. If you are at risk of liability for other situations that are not covered by your base policies, additional coverage is a necessity. An umbrella policy curtailed for you will give you this coverage. 

If you believe that umbrella insurance is right for you, or if you would like to learn more about this insurance option, you should contact the StraightEdge Insurance Agency in Georgetown, TX. When you speak with the insurance team at StraightEdge Insurance Agency, you will learn more about the benefits of umbrella insurance and how it could protect you. They will then get you into a policy that provides the right type and level of liability insurance coverage. 

Is Texas an ‘At-Fault’ State?

In a “no-fault” state there is no determination made of who caused a traffic accident. The insurance of each person covers their vehicle and its occupants. Texas is not a no-fault state. Texas is an “at-fault” state.

Texas is a state where if a vehicle accident occurs, there is a determination made of who is at-fault for causing the accident. The fault may be apportioned between more than one person involved in the accident according to a percentage of how much each person is at-fault.

What does ‘at-fault’ mean?

If a dispute exists over who is at-fault for causing an accident, this determination may be made by a court of the proper jurisdiction Under Texas law, the at-fault party (or parties) has to pay the damages caused by the accident.

Texas law requires every person operating a vehicle to have auto insurance of certain minimum levels. That insurance has to pay a claim for the damages caused by the person who is at fault. A covered claim is paid up to the policy limits of an auto policy.

If the damages exceed the amount covered by the insurance, then the injured party can sue the at-fault party. The injured party can sue to collect more money from the at-fault party, up to the total damages awarded by a court judgment.

Better Auto Insurance than the Bare Minimums

Just getting the minimum auto insurance coverage required by Texas law does not usually provide adequate protection. The minimum amounts are far too low to cover the costs of the damages that may be caused by an accident. Discuss this with your agent at StraightEdge Insurance Agency, serving Georgetown, TX and the surrounding area.

The damages may be to the vehicles involved and also to the injured people who have medical bills and lose time from work. In the worst-case scenario, if someone is killed by the accident, there needs to be compensation paid to the surviving family member(s) of that person who died.

Consider Personal Injury Protection

Even though Texas does not have a legal requirement for vehicle owners to have personal injury protection (PIP), it is still worthwhile to consider it. If the person who is at-fault for causing an accident cannot pay or is operating a vehicle illegally without having insurance, then having the extra protection from PIP in place, can be very helpful.

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What Homeowners’ Insurance Actually Covers

If you think that homeowners’ insurance only protects your Georgetown, TX house itself, StraightEdge Insurance Agency is happy to tell you that you have much more protection than you ever imagined. Read this blog to learn what homeowner’s insurance really covers – home damage, natural and man-made hazards, liability and the other structures on your property.

Yes, this insurance type covers your house itself from damage from named perils in your policy. A named-peril simply refers to reason damage could occur. Examples include fire, tornado, lightning strikes, hail, etc. If hail pummels your roof and causes damage – a hole perhaps – your homeowners’ insurance pays for the repairs.

If water gets inside from the hole in the roof, damaging the items inside the room, your homeowners’ policy covers the damage. You will be paid a flat amount for the items in the home that were damaged. You’ll normally be covered for about 10 percent of the policy’s home coverage.

You are also covered if your mother-in-law falls down the stairs while trying to escape the hail slamming into the home. She breaks her leg, but the HOA policy covers all of her medical costs. If also provides you with liability coverage in case she gets really angry and sues you.

Let’s say the same storm has copious amounts of lightning. Lightning strikes your detached garage, setting it on fire. Your HOA insurance covers that damage, too. The "other structures" clause covers the fences, driveway and other buildings on your property. Your barn gets coverage, too.

Call us at StraightEdge Insurance Agency of Georgetown, TX to learn more about your homeowners’ policy and when you might want to add coverage to it.

Does Flood Insurance Cover Mold Removal?

Flood insurance is something that not all property owners need or are even going to benefit from. There are some property owners that will never see a flood in the time that they own their property and therefore may not even need this type of coverage. There are other property owners that do need flood coverage and knowing what this type of insurance covers is a must. For those in the Georgetown, TX area, the agents with StraightEdge Insurance Agency can help you find the policy that works best for you.

Flood insurance covers many things, including mold mitigation and clean up after a flood. You can get more or less coverage depending on what you need and want and can also get specific coverage for specific cleanup. Most flood insurance will help cover the cost of cleaning up mold after a flood for the express purpose that you have to clean up the mold in order for the home to be livable again. Mold mitigation is a part of getting a home back in livable condition and your flood insurance will help cover the costs associated with this type of clean up. They may have a preferred mitigation or restoration team that they like to work within order to get your home back in a good state.

For those that do not live anywhere near flood zones or that have a property that is not in any danger of being flooded, you do not need to worry about taking out flood insurance or any other type of insurance that is going to cover flood and flood damages. For those that live in the Georgetown, TX area, the agents with StraightEdge Insurance Agency can help you get the coverage you need.

Why People Who Have Valuable Collections Need Umbrella Insurance

If you are one of the many people who enjoy collecting items, especially items with a substantial value such as art, jewelry, and even memorabilia, then you may need extra insurance coverage. Home insurance coverage may be able to include some contents, but is usually limited and may leave you vulnerable to loss from a variety of hazards. So, how can you protect yourself if your home insurance won’t completely cover your valuables?

Umbrella Insurance Offers Additional Security

If you want to increase your level of protection and prevent the potential for losses, then you should get more information about umbrella insurance and how it can give you an additional blanket of protection. Umbrella insurance is an additional separate policy that is designed to give you coverage above and beyond what your current policy can provide. In order to secure your coverage, you should document all of the items in your collection and consult with your insurance agent.

Working With A Top Agency

One of the keys to securing adequate insurance coverage through the use of an umbrella policy is to work closely with a reputable agency with licensed and experienced agents who can give you the coverage you need without gaps. If you live in the Georgetown, TX area, you are encouraged to seek the insurance services of StraightEdge Insurance Agency. We are dedicated to helping discover umbrella insurance coverage options that will give you the peace of mind you need. 

Don’t risk losing valuable pieces of your collection to any of the hazards that you may face. Get solid umbrella insurance coverage from an agency that can give you the quality policy you need. Residents of Georgetown, TX can call or stop by StraightEdge Insurance Agency for more information or to schedule an appointment.